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Village Voice Names Joseph Best Downtown Performance Artist, 2013

The Village Voice “Best of NYC Awards” just came out and Joseph was awarded the title “Best Downtown Performance Artist, 2013.”

Read what they have to say here.

9250650.40“This title can’t begin to do all Joseph Keckler‘s many talents justice. At Dixon Place this spring, Keckler’s delightful one-man show I am an Opera showed off his chops as a classically trained bass-baritone opera singer, rock balladeer, actor, pianist, multimedia artist, and storyteller. And he tackled a subject you won’t likely find at the Met anytime soon: a ‘shroom trip gone horribly wrong. Indeed, Keckler has a wonderfully absurd sense of humor, as anyone who’s seen his earlier works can attest to (in his show Cat Lady, he has a song that’s more or less a list of “good names” for felines, including Ambassador Baby, Velvet Elvis, and Bucket of Cuddle). His concerts at Joe’s Pub and other venues around town are also not to be missed. When he performs his cover of “I Put a Spell on You,” he literally does.”


Animal Acts anthology will come out in early 2014

The performance text for Joseph’s piece “Cat Lady” will be published alongside a critical response by Erika Rundle in Animal Acts: Performing Species Today (University of Michigan Press), edited by Holly Hughes and Una Chaudhuri. The volume includes scripts, text-based art, and scholarship by Donna Haraway, Rachel Rosenthal, Heather Woodbury, Deke Weaver, Stacy Makishi, Carmelita Tropicana, and others. Animal Acts cover

Cover Image: Stacy Makishi

We all have an animal story—the pet we loved, the wild animal that captured our childhood imagination, the deer the neighbor hit while driving. While scientific breakthroughs in animal cognition, the effects of global climate change and dwindling animal habitats, and the exploding interdisciplinary field of animal studies have complicated things, such stories remain a part of how we tell the story of being human. Animal Acts collects eleven exciting, provocative, and moving stories by solo performers, accompanied by commentary that places the works in a broader context.